Wednesday, September 08, 2010

[Book review] The Art of Unix Programming

Long time I wrote about a book here.
The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Steve Raymond
well, I honestly like such books on philosophy of Unix, the right way
of doing things on Unix etc ... :)
you may still feel that the review on Amazon where someone said ESR `paints
a 1 sided picture` is right. But there are numerous things which cannot be found
in any other place.
We have "Unix design patterns", "conventions for Unix command line options" etc
The "Rules" of Unix are very neatly explained.
And for the light relief, we have "Rootless root" :), which is also available on
ESR's website, my favorite is the one on GUI :-D LOL!

And I love the cover page image - of the Zen master teaching to the novice :)

And what else ? ... am I forgetting something!?, ... let me read it again! :)