Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Presentations on a text editor!?

My teammate was making fun of me (for favoring all things text!) and joked that I should be making presentations/slides in text as well, and present with vim! :)
While this was a joke, I was pondering over the idea, that someone must have already tried this, given the plethora of scripts available for vim, and indeed I found one which works well- presen.vim.
The text that you'd write will be in Markdown, i.e, you can compose your usual structured text, with sections, sub-sections etc, and presen.vim will convert this into a presentation.
Combined with the DrawIt vim plugin (to put some neat diagrams, rectangles, I could get started off with making presentations on vim!), it works, and its cool :)
While this might save you from PowerPoint Hell, you might land up in PlainText Hell! :)

And BTW, Markdown in itself is cool, I've been composing all my text (README files etc) in Markdown these days. You can download the package from the author's website, and there are many Markdown editors available for windows.

--Edit: 9-May-2013--
I found TPP much better than the vim presentation!, its in ruby, and has some funky PowerPoint features - like text scroll from left/right/top etc :). Try it!