Sunday, August 26, 2012

Don't like shortcuts? :-O

source: (used with permission)
Picture this:
You are going on Old airport road - towards Marathahalli, to reach, say Whitefield, or outer ring-road, and there is a huge jam for more
than a kilometer, and then, you see a road to the left, which joins to
the ring road, no clog, clean way... would you take it? My guess - certainly!
Say you are in a queue, could be for a movie ticket or train ticket :) and
due to some distraction nobody is observing you, and you can jump the line,
would you jump? Well... Maybe! :)

The point here is, when confronted with a shortcut, in real life , we usually pick the
shortcut. For obvious reasons, it saves precious time.
What surprises me is,in the world of software (or the tools which we use day-to-day),
almost all of them provide some or the other way of creating/configuring shortcuts,
but people hardly use them!, why?
Don't they want to save time? is it really so difficult to learn to create/configure
those shortcuts ? or, its just plain old "Oh!... don't make me think!" ?