Thursday, May 25, 2006

[Regex] Mastering ...

Hi all,

I purchased this book "Mastering Regular Expressions", 2nd Ed, by Jeffrey Friedl.
This book treats regex as a language on its own, and explains all the intricacies of crafting a regex, advanced syntaxes, regexes in various languages etc.
After 3-4 chapters, uhf... it's really heavy reading!, since I have lot of work nowadays, just managing to read a page/two per week!


Friday, May 12, 2006

[General - programming] Language features with dual behavior

Hi all,

Recently while writing some Python ane Perl code, I noticed that the features provided by the language are useful in dual roles. Perl is anyway famous for TIMTOWTDI.

Consider comments - multiline comments.

There is no dedicated multiline comment character-sequence in Perl/Python, but the common(and probably official way) is

In Perl:

Use the perl module documentation(pod) lines
... some code ...

In Python:

Use the triple-quote string
... code...

Even though C/C++ provides the /* ... */ sequence, they cannot nest, so generally the
preprocessor is used to get rid of huge lines of code with

#if 0


After a short sprint with Lua, I found even Lua has a multiline string ([[ ... ]]) , similar to the triple-quote strings of Python, which can be turned into a comment with a leading --:

A multi


[update: 21-May-2015]
In bash, the null command can be used for multi-line comments!

: ' some
long boring