Thursday, May 25, 2006

[Regex] Mastering ...

Hi all,

I purchased this book "Mastering Regular Expressions", 2nd Ed, by Jeffrey Friedl.
This book treats regex as a language on its own, and explains all the intricacies of crafting a regex, advanced syntaxes, regexes in various languages etc.
After 3-4 chapters, uhf... it's really heavy reading!, since I have lot of work nowadays, just managing to read a page/two per week!



reddy said...

Learning RegEX is a good experience. If we can master in this, we can infact write the grammar for a new language..

BTW I am planning to write a white paper kind of thing where it will address on writing protocol stacks in telecommunications ( I am ready with some code samples).. Your review comments are most welcome.. U can join with me if u would like to.. These days I am busy..I have to find some time for kickoff..

Ani said...

Hi Reddy,

Even I'm damn busy to do anythng!
(I'm chkin this blog itself aftr a month!)
I have to get some time - I have lined up so many things to read!

I'll sure join u.