Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Putting an extra [s]mile! :)

I brought my new car , and when I went to the showroom (with my family), I had such a nice time, and so many unexpected events - maybe they are common these days, but they were new to me [at least!] (because this is the first car I'm buying, not the first I'm driving thou).

The puja ceremony was organized (as communicated by the sales person), and as soon as I completed the paperwork, the pujari was ready, on time, after all the usual stuff, he handed over the keys to me, and said "you can start the car now" ! :-O (cosmopolitan!), he even said "good luck, and happy-n-safe driving" when I put the dakshina! :). Then, the sales guy took a photo of us, and gave it to us, framed, so quick!, with (now, this is the best part, which I like..) a pack of Chocolates! :-D Yum!. I squashed the lemons which were placed under all the tyres, they popped confetti, and I drove away... it all seemed so good!

It might have hardly cost anything [compared to the price of the car!] to the showroom guys, but it definitely makes a difference!


Archana said...

Heyyy!!! This is a great news...Congrats!! :) Its really a wonderful feeling to buy a car on your own.... :)

Happy driving and wish you many many happy hours in your new car... :)

Treat's pending...:P


Guru said...

i dint hv al these when i bought :(
the manager came, gave us flowers, box of chocolates, ganesha idol and handed over the key.

always heard ppl appreciate Honda's way of treating customers.

its a good feeling buying a car for is a milestone in one's life.

congrats again :)