Friday, September 21, 2012

Do not fear learning - fear only forgetting!

This might sound stupid, like, why would anyone fear learning!? But from my observation, once an engineer has been in the industry for long, there is some reluctance to change, changing to new language, or to a new platform, or even to change to a new company.  The reason seems to be fear, at least in part! The fear to cope up with change, and the fear to learn! When it comes to software, which is changing so rapidly, if we are not learning new things every now and then, for sure we will be left behind!

My fear is, on the contrary, about forgetting!, There are so many things which I had learnt as a fresh grad, as a fresher in my first company... but without constant use, all those seems to have faded from memory! :-(. The only way, is to constantly refresh things I've learnt.  At some point, I thought, how nice it would be, if my memory was like a fast access disk - low latency, huge store!  but then, even a fast SDD (using DRAM), requires a periodic memory refresh cycle to retain the charge!!  :-)
So, refresh is the only defense!

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