Monday, February 17, 2014

Colorizing GDB backtrace

Being in a startup, we get to see a lot of core dumps, every day ;-). With too many stack frames and long file+function names, I hate the output!. In fact the visual clutter is so much, that it takes me long time to compare two tracebacks! I was thinking what can be done about it - hit upon gdb hooks in a SO post. Put together with my all time fav - Perl, to color the output, got some nice colorful tracebacks! ;-). The following is what I put in my ~/.gdbinit
shell mkfifo /tmp/colorPipe.gdb
# no pause/automore 
set height 0
# dont break line
set width 0
define hook-backtrace
        shell cat /tmp/colorPipe.gdb |  ~/ &
        set logging redirect on
        set logging on /tmp/colorPipe.gdb
define hookpost-backtrace
        set logging off
        set logging redirect off
        shell sleep 0.1
define hook-quit
        shell rm /tmp/colorPipe.gdb
define re
   echo \033[0m

And the Perl script ( to do the highlight:

Try it!, at least identifying the culprit will be much quicker, if not fixing the issue! ;-)

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