Tuesday, September 22, 2015

vim plugins that I cant live without!

Here is a list of vim plugins, which are absolute time-savers!


How many times, you'd have copied and pasted a line from gcc error/warning, in the form
and then had to remove the :line and :col before editing it in vim!
this nice little plugin will open into the same line and place the cursor at the right column!


For C, of course the built-in % key does the trick of taking you to the matching brace/paren, but what about languages where you have begin .. end, or if .. fi - that is where this is really useful - overloads the % key for keyword-pairs!


Align anything! declarations, comments, function-headers ... saves a lot of time!


I use git, and no day goes by without looking into git blame of one or the other source file! Its neat to see that from within vim and can navigate to complete diff [if I have to] by just hitting enter!


I like to keep everything under version-control, so all my docs are in text (Markdown) and checked into git. I use DrawIt to create cool ASCII diagrams :)

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